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Mrs. Jamie Warren

"We were created to use our testimonies in order to change the world. "

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My Story

         At only 18 years old Jamie was 1 of 5 in the United States to receive a scholarship and got to attend a conference in Kansas City where she spoke on the behalf of Homeless youth in front of over 1,000 educators.  As a freshman in college she  joined a National Scholarship Foundation that was focused on reaching Homeless youth. At 20 years old she presented on Capitol Hill in front of 2,000 educators and congressmen and women. Jamie was invited to sit in on a meeting with the Secretary of Education and advised on policies that impact and affect homeless students. Based on that meeting a policy change was implemented to the Mckinney-Vento Act, making the transition from highschool to college easier on homeless youth. At 21 she presented at the South by Southwest Educators conference and spoke to the difficulties in public education for homeless youth. This conference led to her being featured on a Podcast that allowed her to speak out on behalf of homeless youth across America. 

At 21 years old Jamie broke a generational cycle when she graduated with her Bachelors in Education from Wayland Baptist University and achieved her dream of not only being the first person in her family to graduate from highschool but College as well. At 21 she married the man of her dreams who embraced her pain and past and continued to build her up. They have since had two perfect babies and she has achieved her life goal of building a family of her own and letting go of the suffering from her childhood. Since, Jamie has moved up the professional ladder of being a teacher to now being a Curriculum Specialist and Reading Interventionist. At 27 Jamie spoke at the Live on Purpose conference that was targeted toward at-risk and Homeless youth becoming the first time she shared her story with students. That very day was the official date that she received her Masters Degree in Educational Administration. Jamie spoke just recently at the Loved conference at the Baptist Church in Shallowater where she shared her testimony and how it impacted her faith. We are all given a testimony, it is our responsibility to use it in order to change the world. 

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